Hello, I’m Joyce

Sometimes I’m called Jo, as in

My purpose here is to throw some rock salt on your snowy trail so you won’t slip and fall. You see, you’re getting close to the Sacred Mountain–that skim of snow is direct evidence.

I’m so happy you decided to join me. Having company makes trudging up the mountain so much easier.

If you would sign in I would know with whom I’m traveling.

The images below represent subjects you will find here as you travel through the six chapters.

Have you ever had a feeling that there’s a world of wonderment just out of reach, something that if you changed a mite, the world, your circumstances, your psychological well-being, would suddenly, like a transformer unfolding, fall into place?

I have.

As such, I set off writing these chapters, as a sort-of Success course. Take it as a course, or as information. You choose.

This is how the clueless become successful.

We can do it. We can live the life of our dreams. Why in the heck do you think we came here? It was to live life abundantly.

Read on. there are six easy chapters and a bonus seventh, The Sacred Mountain.

See you there.

About me:

Why am I writing this?

It seemed imperative somehow to write these seven chapters–for myself, it seemed–to put pen to page to see what I have learned. And I’m still learning,

I love it.

When I found Martha Beck’s book Steering by Starlight, I cheered. That girl rocks.

Perhaps others can benefit from my diving into the muddy waters of self-exploration. I believe life is to be lived to the utmost. I know, many of us feel that others can achieve their dreams become successful, but we can’t.

If other’s can do it, we can.

We have personal hang-ups, family conditions that are not to our liking, and world affairs that drop on us like a lead dirigible.

I see too many people walking around as though they had a body shot of Novocain. .Many people walk like zombies. Get on a plane and do you see people celebrating that they are traveling faster than an ox cart, and will get to their destination after dinner and a movie?

“How can I be happy?” we ask. How can I go for my dreams? How can I support myself while steering by starlight?

I may not have all the answers–those lie within you. I’m here to help you find your own guidance system.

I know this won’t be for everybody. Many people aren’t interested. Many are so beaten down by life’s struggles that they have become numb. “Steering by starlight? What is the hell is that mumbo jumbo?”

Just because you have gotten mist in your eyes doesn’t mean that your star isn’t there.

With my compliments please go to chapter one. Try it on. See if it fits.

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You can do it!