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How the Clueless Become Successful

I’m clueless in many areas.

In one area I’m not.

I know that our mind-set matters more that any data collected.

That aside, let’s collect some data, for sometimes you must take the journey to realize that we didn’t need to take the journey.

You know what I mean? As you are traveling through life, beating yourself up, trying to be better, taking courses, complaining, griping, finding fault and wondering what the heck it all means, until one day you get an Ah Ha. “I’m fine just the way I am–and so are they.”

We had to take the journey to gather the confidence to know we matter, that nothing is wrong with us.

Believe. that you have it within to do, be and have your heart’s desire.

Well now, you got it, skip the chapters, go straight to the Sacred Mountain.

No, walk to the mountain, you’ll learn much along the way.

You know how we look for the big miracles and ignore the little ones–like the biopsy that comes back negative? (Oh, that’s a big one.) What about the day you placed a glass of water on the roof of your vehicle, climbed into the car, backed out of the driveway, and that glass came flying over your windshield, bounced off the hood, slid over the headlights, and crashed onto the driveway, AND IT DIDN’T BREAK.

Or you opened a cupboard door, a bottle fell out, and you caught it with your left hand. Now that’s a miracle.

I don’t presume to teach you anything, I’m throwing some rock salt on your snowy trail so you won’t slip and fall. You see, you’re getting close to the mountain–your trail is sprinkled with snow.

Have you ever had a feeling that there’s a world of wonderment just out of reach, something that if you changed a mite, the world, your circumstances, your psychological well-being, would suddenly, like a transformer unfolding, fall into place?

I have.

As such, I set off writing this course, and I’ll admit, I borrowed from the Disney Imagineers. If they are asked to perform a task, and they don’t know how to do it, they say, “I’m on it,” then go back to their desks, beat their heads against it, and do it.

We can do it.

How to be successful in six easy chapters. and then a bonus, a seventh that is Sacred mountain.

See you there.

I’m not into workbooks, but I do encourage people to write their thoughts or reactions. I keep a running spiral notebook beside my computer and write down what’s happening along the way. The trouble is I have so many notes, I have trouble finding something I want again.

I won’t go on YouTube either for I believe you guys can read, and I write better than I talk, besides I’m encouraging reading, and DOING, and GETTING EXCITED ABOUT WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO DO.

So, here we go:

When I say doing what you want, I mean your creative endeavor. It’s not about being selfish and laying around all the time, unless, of course, you make that work for you.

Seven chapters.

With my compliments please go to chapter one.Try it on. See it it fits.

Go back to the top, in the menu hit Chapter 1 and jump in.

You can do it!


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Why am I writing this?

It seemed imperative somehow to write these seven chapters–a success course of sorts.

I was writing it for myself, I suppose, but I decided that others might benefit, so here it is.

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