Have you ever had a feeling like there’s a world of wonderment just out of reach, something that if you changed a mite, the world, your circumstances, your psychological well-being, would suddenly, like a transformer unfolding, fall into place?

I have.

As such, I set off writing this course, and I’ll admit, I borrowed from the Disney Imagineers, that if they are asked to perform a task, and they don’t know how to do it, they say, “I’m on it,” then go back to their desks, beat their heads against it, and do it.

We can do it.

“We can do it, all we need is a plan. We can do it, Mamma is gonna see to it,”–Gypsy

Seven Modules, all fun, all FREE.

I won’t spend much time trying to convince you to take this course, or that you need it. I’ll just plunge in and let you decide if it’s a fit or not.

I’m not into workbooks, but I do encourage people to write their thoughts or reactions. I keep a running spiral notebook beside my computer and write down what’s happening along the way. The trouble is I have so many notes, I have trouble finding something I want again.

I won’t go on YouTube either for I believe you guys can read, and I write better than I talk, besides I’m encouraging reading, and DOING, and GETTING EXCITED ABOUT WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO DO.

So, what am I talking about? What’s in this “course?”

It’s my thoughts that life isn’t to suffer, it’s to explore, to be exuberant, and I believe that the ultimate sucess is Living with whom you want, where you want, and doing what you want.

And it’s FREE.

So, here we go:

When I say doing what you want, I mean your creative endeavor. It’s not about being selfish and laying around all the time, unless, of course, you make that work for you.

I call this a course, for it is in seven modules, I could call those modules chapters or steps to living the life you want.

How, you might ask, are those “Modules” different from all those How-to courses out there?

Most of How-to’s, leave out a critical component, and that is our mindset determines the outcome.

And so I believe that if we clear out what’s standing in our way it will leave us with a clear path.(I should go through this course daily.)

With my compliments please go to module number one, try it on. See it it fits.

Thanks for reading.

See you at top.

Go back to the top, in the menu hit Module 1 and jump in.

You can do it!


Sometimes I’m called Jo, as in https://travelswithjo.com

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Why am I writing this course?

It seemed imperative somehow to do it, not to be arrogant, or to copy the many courses I have taken, but when I read, “Stop taking courses, ” I decided to do that.

I was taking Cedrick and Dominika’s Trail Blazing Course, but I couldn’t stay on their pages because I kept running off to write this one.


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